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North of Annadale and south and west of Great Kills, you will find the Staten Island town of Eltingville.  Eltingville was originally known as South Side, and later Sea Side. As the Dutch and French Huguenots were the first settlers in this area, by the late 1800’s, the area’s name was finally changed to “Eltingville”, in respect to the Dutch Elting family. During the 1950’s, many of the houses in Eltingville were built, surprisingly, many being built by Scandinavians, however, you can still find a few that were built during the early 1700’s.  Two of these houses, said to be built by 1720, are the Brougham Cottage and the Woods of Arden House. The Brougham Cottage is located at 4746 Amboy Road, near Arden Avenue, by many other houses.

The Woods of Arden House, on the other hand, is much harder to see. It is located at 4515 Hylan Boulevard, but has much vegetation surrounding it, which makes it easy to pass by. During the late 1950’s, Richmond Avenue was populated mostly by farms but by the mid-1960’s, many new homes began to replace these farms, turning Richmond Avenue into a main street.  The development of these houses lasted until about 1975. During the next few decades, several houses were built, many of them being detached and semi-detached homes, with several new construction custom-built homes.

The most notable types of homes were High Ranch Homes which were usually detached, which can be either one or two-family homes. The standard one-story ranch also a familiar type of home you’ll find in the Eltingville area. Some of Eltingville sits along the Raritan Bay waterfront, a small waterfront community on Wakefield Rd. feature a number of luxury homes with several being newly constructed that sit just along the waterfront. Built in 1860, the Eltingville Railway Station is located at Richmond Avenue and Eltingville Boulevard. Rebuilt in the 1930’s, the Railway Station contains two side platforms and a station house.  The southbound platform contains an exit to Eltingville Boulevard, where you can take one of the local buses to the Staten Island Mall or an express bus to Manhattan. The station house, on the other hand, is located by the western platform on Richmond Avenue.

Beginning in the mid-1960s, Eltingville was the scene of massive new home construction as part of the suburbanization of New York City. Like many other Staten Island neighborhoods, the farmland that had predominated the area was developed, and the once rural area became part of the city conurbation. This initially caused logistical problems, chiefly a lack of sewer lines, which then needed to be built. As a result, local traffic frequently had to be detoured from many main thoroughfares, including a large section of Hylan Boulevard during the 1990s.

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